LinkedIn is the go to destination for professionals to network, build business relationships, find talent, and search for job opportunities. The completeness of your profile is key on this global professional networking platform, which has over 1 billion members worldwide. LinkedIn users with All-Star profile status are 40 times more likely to get contacted about job opportunities.

To take your LinkedIn profile to the next level, here are 7 steps that will significantly enhance your discoverability for new opportunities.

1. Select the RIGHT Profile Picture & Background Image

Selecting the RIGHT profile picture is important. Leave the car selfies and party pictures behind, as LinkedIn is the gateway to professional opportunities. Your profile picture should be current and reflective of you as a professional.

General guidelines:

  • Professional: Opt for a current, professional-looking photo with a natural expression.
  • Dress code: Dress more formally than the industry standard.
  • Solo: It should be only you in the picture. Avoid group pictures.

As a supplement, add a background image to your profile that resonates with your career or passion for a professional branded touch.

Stat: LinkedIn members with a profile picture receive up to 21 times more profile views and 9 times more connection requests.

2. Write a Catchy Headline

Your headline isn’t limited to your title and company name. Utilize the 120 characters given to create a memorable and individualized introduction. Try to create something more memorable than the obvious to show individuality.  This is your first impression, so make an introduction that is catchy and true to who you are as a professional.


  • Incorporate keywords showcasing your value (i.e. creative delivery, results-driven, thought leader, etc.)
  • Add your field specialty (i.e. SEO expert, software engineer, freelance writer, etc.)
  • Mention relevant accreditations and academic achievements.
  • Use commas, periods, or bars to separate each distinction.

3. Create a Custom URL

Enhance your personal branding by adding a custom URL to your public profile. This makes it easier for others to locate your LinkedIn page, and you can use it across various documents and online platforms, including your email signature, business card, resume, and website.

4. Craft Strategic Experience Summaries

To increase discoverability, provide detailed content on your LinkedIn profile. Add all relevant jobs, education, and volunteer experience to your profile. Go beyond listing job titles, dates, and company names. Include strategic summaries for each job, highlighting responsibilities and accomplishments.


  • Create skill & achievement driven summaries with relative keywords to highlight your unique value.
  • Include certifications and degrees attained.
  • Showcase projects & media by adding links to your work in these experience sections.

Stat: Adding a current position can lead to 8 times more profile views. Adding your education will get you 17 times more messages from recruiters.

5. Focus on Group Selections

If your current group subscriptions are unfocused, it’s time to clean them up. Choose groups that align with your field, contribute to conversations, and engage with industry-related information to strengthen your credibility.

6. Refine Skills and Endorsements

This section of your profile allows you to showcase your specializations and gain credibility through endorsements. Choose skills that reflect what you want to be known for. The more skills you list, the higher your chances of appearing in LinkedIn searches.

  • To achieve All-Star status, you must have at least 5 skills listed.
  • LinkedIn allows you to add up to 50 skills in this section.

Stat: Members with 5 skills are 27x more likely to be discovered in LinkedIn searches.

7. Connect with Relative People

Build connections with individuals who share your educational background or professional expertise. Connect with industry influencers, peers, colleagues, and professionals from your alma mater. Use the search tool to find members to connect with on LinkedIn. LinkedIn also allows you to sync your contact and email lists to locate members you may know.


  • You need at least 50 connections to attain All-Star status.
  • After you get 500 connections, your profile will display 500+. Irrespective of 501 or 50 million connections, it will show 500+ connections.


Take control of your LinkedIn profile by weaving personal branding into your professional story. As you work towards taking it to the next level, your profile will work for you by generating new job and business opportunities. Unlock your full potential by using LinkedIn as a catalyst to professional success.

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